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Generally truck campers are the smallest of the RVs. They typically range from about $2,500 to $22,000 with the most expensive units offering virtually every bell and whistle of larger RVs. The smallest truck campers offer minimal living accommodations which is usually a bed, kitchen with small sink and stove, and dinette.

Truck campers need to be matched to your truck size, and they must fit into the pickup truck configuration that you have. They are created specifically to mount to the bed/ chassis of your pickup truck and attach directly to the inside of your pickup truck. The camper can be set up on its own jacks at home or at the campsite.

The average length runs from 8 to 14 feet exclusive of the truck which it is mounted on. The length of the truck camper is quoted as the bed length or that portion which rests in or on the bed of the truck.

The construction of truck campers is very similar to that of travel trailers or fifth wheels. They will usually have a corrugated aluminum siding, although upper end truck campers are beginning to have fiberglass exteriors. As the industry has grown you can now expect to find quality interiors with good appliances. Many units also offer toilets, showers, elaborate galleys, air conditioners and built in generators.

Sleeping accommodations are best for one or two people, but they can provide for 4 to 6 depending on the size of the truck camper. Some truck campers feature a top that raises and lowers for safety and comfort. This provides more interior space, but offers less wind resistance when driving. This a usually know as pop top campers and they normally have soft sides.

Pickups with four-wheel drive make for unique and interesting possibilites, making them especially suitable for recreation. These days a slideout has become common in new units and with the: push of a button the wall of the expands to add interior living space.

For people who already own a pickup truck, adding a truck camper is a logical step and can be a very affordable way to get into RVing. You will be amazed at the comfort you will find in a pickup truck camper. Check with your dealer to find out which unit is best for you.

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